Our Garden Design & Planting Services

Our Garden Design & Planting Services

Available all year round

In-House Garden Design Team

We work with you from the start right through to a bespoke after sales service.

Longstock Park Garden Design & Landscaping

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Garden Design & Planting Services

We offer a full range of garden design, supply and planting services, carried out by our professional horticultural team and with access to a wide range of plants, shrubs and specimen trees from our very own plant nursery.

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Our design and planting services are designed to help you create your dream garden, from a one-hour garden visit to assisting with a full-blown garden design.

Whether you have a small town garden or patio or large country property, Longstock Park Garden Design and Planting Services offer a range of garden services, including: 

  • Carefully planned garden planting scheme
  • Experienced site assessment
  • Soil evaluation and improvements as required
  • Sourcing and selection of excellent quality plants and trees
  • Professional planting
  • Maintenance and garden care plans

Email:  longstock.park.landscapes@waitrose.co.uk

Telephone:  01264 810894

Visit:  Longstock Park Nursery and speak to a member of the team.

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