Apple Juice

Leckford apples that don't quite make the grade cosmetically as dessert fruit for eating are pressed to make our own apple juice, available to purchase only from the Leckford Estate Farm Shop.

Around 25 tonnes of Leckford apples are pressed each year to make around 20,000 bottles of apple juice. It takes about 1.2 kg of fruit, or 12 juicy apples, to make one 750 ml bottle. The process of pressing, filtering, pasteurising and bottling can be done within a single day.

Our apple juices are cloudy because they are not treated with pectinase or bentonite. The sweet cloudy juice is made entirely from hand-picked dessert apples. Our dry cloudy apple juice contains a proportion of juice from our Bramley cooking apples to give the juice a sharper flavour. Refreshing fruit juice with low food miles!