Longstock Park Nursery are proud to home a National Collection of over 100 Buddlejas., and offer many of those varieties for sale. We aim to conserve, grow, document and celebrate the plants that exist in the UK.

As a naturalist, John Spedan Lewis studied the flora and fauna intensely whilst living at the Estate. The most popular butterfly, attracting plant and shrub is the Buddleja. Available in many different sizes, shapes and colours, this shrub provides a beautiful and striking addition to the nursery, showing the full potential whilst in complete bloom.

Peter Moore has created a stunning website to showcase our National Buddleja collection - view it here

Where to plant

The Buddlejas tend to thrive in sunny locations around the garden, which is why they can be located dotted around in clusters enjoying the summer sun; because of this they grow better in well drained soil and get their nutrients from the sun instead!

We have a wide range of Buddlejas available in our nursery, ready to take home today. If you have any questions whilst browsing please ask one of our horticultural experts, they are always happy to answer any questions you may have.