Seasons at Longstock

Voted 'the finest water garden in the world' by the International Water Lily Society, the Longstock Park Water Garden is a place of relaxation and serenity, restructured and developed in the late 1940's by devoted naturalist and founder of Leckford Estate, John Spedan Lewis. 

Spedan Lewis devoted his spare time to nature and restructured the water garden to complement each season as it came. Each plant was grounded to brighten up the cold winter months and shine bright in the Summer sun.

The Water Garden in Spring


Spring is a time of awakening, the flowers slowly start to blossom and come alive from the icy winter weathers.

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The Water Garden- Autumn


Even on a dull, colder day, the water reflects an array of golden brassy and red tones instantly warming up the garden.

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The Water Gardens- Winter


Winter at Longstock Park Garden is a beautiful and peaceful setting, the garden is stripped back bare and the icicles hang low.

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Waterlilies at The Water Garden


As the sun becomes a constant figure, the vegetation becomes more striking by the day.

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