Leckford Estate is dedicated to environmental stewardship. We are striving towards becoming a net-zero estate, decreasing our carbon footprint and fostering a sustainable future.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Farming

As part of the John Lewis Partnership, we are committed to reaching net zero emissions in our operations by 2035, and at Leckford Estate we're proud to be paving the way in this mission.  For over two decades we've been certified by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming). This rigorous programme ensures our farming practices meet the highest sustainability standards, and thanks to LEAF's framework, we have meticulous records that allow us to precisely track our farm's carbon balance over time. This detailed data is invaluable as we continue to reduce our environmental footprint and reach net zero.

Over the last 20 years our greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption on the farm have fallen, as we have adopted, first, minimum tillage crop establishment techniques, and more recently, strip-till and no-till crop establishment.

By reducing soil disturbance in our farming methods, we have dramatically cut fuel consumption. This results in yearly savings equivalent to fueling a standard family car for an impressive 125,000 miles – equivalent to circling around the world five times!

This success showcases the impact of small changes, enhancing soil health, improving our land, and reducing our environmental footprint.

Beyond Soil: Our Multi-Faceted Approach to Net Zero

Minimising soil disturbance is just one step in our journey towards net zero. We're committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels across all aspects of our operations:

Harnessing Renewable Energy: Our entire estate uses green electricity contracts for a clean power source. Photovoltaic panels on two farm buildings generate solar energy, reducing grid reliance.

Sustainable Land Management: Our parkland and track verges benefit from reduced mowing and cutting schedules, promoting a thriving ecosystem for beneficial insects and wildlife while conserving fuel.

Electrifying Our Fleet: Replacing some of our diesel maintenance vans with electric vehicles to cut emissions from everyday transportation.

These initiatives, along with our emphasis on soil health, showcase our dedication to reaching net zero and building a more sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainable Farming with Biomethane Plant & Tractor

In 2023, we became the first UK farm to extract fugitive methane from our farmyard manure to power a CNG (compressed natural gas) biomethane tractor. This innovative technology, developed in Cornwall, is currently in use on select 'slurry-based' dairy farms. Our aim in the coming years is to convert a substantial part, if not all, of our tractor fleet from diesel to self-generated biomethane sourced from our cattle.

Turning Waste into Fuel: A Look at Leckford's Biomethane Technology

Explore our video showcasing the biomethane plant and tractor in action.

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