Recommended Flies Through the Season

Our recommendations for suitable flies through the fishing season at Leckford.


For shorter and cooler autumn days

  1. Parachute Adams
  2. Gray Wulff
  3. Tups Indispensable
  4. Daddy Long Legs
  5. Peacock herl Daddy
  6. Cinnamon Sedge

As the water cools and the days become shorter, hatches of Pale Watery Duns and Spurwings can be prolific. Try a Tups Indispensable or a pale coloured CdC or Klinkhammer. With a good number of Sedges around, a Black Horned pattern is pretty effective too.


Ahead of the Mayfly as the days warm up there are usually a few Hawthorn flies around. Use general Olive patterns, Iron Blue ,CdC's , Klinkhammers and some Pheasant Tail and Hare Ear nymphs.

There is usually lots of Mayfly activity from late May into June. If the fish aren’t rising for a Mayfly try using an Iron Blue - often preferred by some fish at this time of year.


A pattern for the warmer summer months

  1. Parachute Adams
  2. Gray Wulff #16
  3. Cinnamon Sedge
  4. Black Horned Sedge
  5. Elk Hair Sedge
  6. Little Red Sedge

Tempt Trout during the warmer weather, with a Yellow Humpy or a Peacock Daddy Long Legs as they move to deeper holes and beneath tree cover for shelter.

There are regular rises on summer evenings and usually a Cinnamon Sedge or Lunns Particular will catch.

A fly for all seasons

You can try any of the following across the fishing season.

  1. Leckford Professor
  2. Greenwells Glory
  3. Lunns Particular
  4. Black Parachute
  5. Parachute Adams
  6. Gray Wulff #16
  7. Ginger Quill

Beneath the water’s surface there are days when the fish will be preoccupied with subsurface food. On these days use a nymph fished upstream, such as a small weighted Hare’s Ear or Pheasant Tail.

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