Houseplant your Style

Gardening Indoors!

Not all gardening has to happen outdoors!  Why not create a green and pleasant space indoors.  Houseplants  can help improve your environment visually and may also help improve air quality too!

Just add Houseplants

Many of us are still using our spaces at home as workspace as well as living space.  So if your desk area needs a bit of love or restyling then a houseplant from our range of plants at Longstock Park Nursery’s Garden Shop is sure to have the right plant for you.  From small succulent plants that can cheer up your desk area without taking up too much space!  Right through to foliage and architectural plants to add warmth and style to a forgotten corner of your living room.

Make it your space

Our houseplant collection includes a range of exotic plants, from the soft and colourful right through to the hot and spicy, like our fun capsicum (ornamental chilli) plants.  These varieties love the indoors because it’s generally warmer so they will thrive in a warm sunny room.

If you’re heading off to student accommodation later this year and want to make your new space feel like home then we have lots of starter plants to help you on your way.  Our houseplants include easy care varieties, plus we have a range of plant care products to give your plants a boost along the way!

Houseplant Help

At Longstock Park Nursery Garden Shop our houseplant loving Partners are happy to help.  We can offer advice on the best houseplant for you and your space and we can help you to look after your plants.  We can advise on the best plant care products and will even help diagnose a problem you may have with your plant.  You can email us, with your plant problem, through our enquiry page or bring your plant or perhaps a bit of your (large) plant with you when you visit and we’ll take a look.

We will also make sure you have the right plant for you and for your pet, so let us know if you have any animals sharing your space too and we can advise on the best pet friendly plants.

So why not style up your indoor space with one of our houseplants.  Shopping available Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm/Sunday 10am-4pm.  Find us and our plants in the Garden Shop at Longstock Park Nursery on The Waitrose & Partners Farm, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6EH. Telephone 01264 810894 or visit our website for more information.