As a devoted botanist, John Spedan Lewis planted the array of plants that make up Longstock Park Water Garden, with a motive. With the help of his gardener, Jim Saunders they both picked the trees precisely to create a warm but striking environment. 

Even on a dull, cold day the water reflects an array of golden brassy shades. The red tones of the Swamp Cypress shine and instantly warm up the garden, carefully complementing the leaves. The leaves glow care freely, bouncing along the floor with the light Autumn breeze, shimmering a light copper burn.

The birch & oaks add the pale yellows and the sharp golds to brighten up the garden, slowly revealing the transformation into Winter, illuminating the garden in a completely different light. It is a constant change of a landscape of colours, through to the end of November. 

The garden closes to the public in mid- September. For more information on our opening hours, please visit our contact pages.