Spring awakens early in the garden, feeding the lake and warming the shallow waters. The first shoots slowly start to blossom and come alive from the icy winter chills.

Spring is the time of awakening and by March to April some of the blossoms have opened and every bank is alive with new growth. Many species spread through the garden and woodlands and unearth their buds - Birch, Willow, Swamp Cypress and the deciduous Conifers. 

In common with the The Orchards and Vineyard at Leckford Estate, most of the soil is chalk land. Throughout the woodland area of peat, the Rhododendrons and Camellias blossom with the light spring sun. Their colours drift through the trees and dance around the woodland. The remises of Winter fading with every day, replaced by lush green leaves and shoots.

The garden is open to the public from April. For more information on opening hours please visit our contacts page.