As the sun becomes a fuller, constant figure, the vegetation becomes more striking by the day. The foliage and flowers take over and it is impossible to see the divide between the bank and the water. Every different path greets you with a new colour, a new plant, an unusual species making a new home or an unusual variety to explore.

Summer is the time to enjoy every aspect of Longstock Park Water Garden and witness the forty types of Waterlilies in full blossom. The last varieties of primula have reached their full potential from their early start  in March and now stand proudly with the sun.

The Summer takes over, and it is the run of the numerous members of the Iris family, followed in June by the Astibes, while  the many other hardy perennials, like our varieties of Lobelia, bloom wildly into Autumn. The shade of waterside trees provides the perfect habitat for many ferns.

Lush greenery, rich colours, the story that Longstock becomes, the homes, the sudden splash, the warmth and the scents is every reason why you should visit this summer.