Taxodium Distichum (Swamp Cypress)

Swamp Cypress is most famously associated with the swamps of the Everglades and is one of the few deciduous conifers found in Britain. The deciduous trees that now dominate the garden were originally planted in the 1930s by Donald Beddington, a previous owner of Leckford Estate. 

When John Spedan Lewis redesigned the water garden ten years later, he specially planted the trees due to the colours they would blossom to brighten up the garden during every season.  

The Swamp Cypress comes alive in autumn providing a stunning display of seasonal reds and orange, before shedding its thin, feathery needles in the winter months. 

The tree attracts rare birds, providing a nestling home for them to bring up their young. John Sedan Lewis was an enthusiastic naturalist and thrived with thrived on the wildlife that the vegetation brought to the water garden that truly brought it to life. 

He did not do wrong with the Taxodium Distichum, it is a true spectacle.