Celebrate 200 Years of Saving Lives at the RNLI's Longstock Park Water Garden Event

02 Apr 2024

On May 31st, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate this remarkable legacy at the RNLI's 200th-anniversary event being held at the picturesque Longstock Park Water Garden, Leckford Estate. Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, we can, not only honour the RNLI's past but also become a part of their incredible future.

Where Courage Meets the Sea

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution's (RNLI) inception in 1824 marked the beginning of an enduring saga of courage, resilience, and humanity. Spanning 200 years, the RNLI has evolved from its humble origins into an institution that symbolises selfless courage. Heroic rescues, technological advancements, and an ever-expanding community of volunteers and supporters have marked this journey. Each chapter of the RNLI's history is a testament to the unwavering spirit of those who venture into the formidable embrace of the sea to save lives. 

The bicentennial celebration is not merely a reflection on past achievements, but a beacon guiding the future course of lifesaving innovation and volunteerism. The RNLI’s narrative is filled with stories of courage, sacrifice, and optimism, reminding us of the dangers of the sea and the resilient human spirit that confronts them. 

Longstock Park Water Garden: A Venue of Natural Splendour 

Longstock Park Water Garden stands as a testament to the harmonious interplay between nature and human ingenuity. Located within the picturesque bounds of the Leckford Estate in Hampshire, this lush oasis captivates the senses with its serene waterways, diverse flora, and the delightful melodies of its bird residents. The garden's design, emphasising tranquillity and natural beauty makes it an ideal setting for gatherings that seek to foster a deep connection with nature and a shared sense of purpose. 

The choice of Longstock Park Water Garden at the Leckfortd Estate as the venue for celebrating the RNLI’s 200th anniversary intertwines the message of preservation.

A Day of Celebration and Commitment 

The event at Longstock Park Water Garden, Leckford Estate, is envisioned as a day where the beauty of nature, the richness of community, and the spirit of philanthropy converge. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to: 

●  Explore and Learn about Nature and the RNLI: The event promises a journey through the lush expanses of the water garden, offering a space for reflection and appreciation of nature's beauty. Beyond the visual feast, RNLI representatives will be on hand to share insights into the organisation's lifesaving work, fostering a deeper connection between the attendees and the RNLI's mission. 

●  Experience Culinary and Artisan Delights: Aligning with the ethos of local sustainability and support, the event will showcase the best of local produce and crafts. This initiative not only celebrates local talent and produce but also channels funds back into the lifesaving efforts of the RNLI, underscoring the event's philanthropic core. Our Farm Shop & Cafe at the Leckford Estate will remain open, offering a selection of delightful dishes and a variety of gourmet treats and gifts, sourced from local artisan producers. 

●  Unite Green Thumbs: For those with a passion for gardening, Longstock Park Nursery at the Leckford Estate will be a source of inspiration and delight. Offering a wide selection of plants and gardening tools, the nursery reinforces the event's theme of growth and renewal—principles that are at the heart of the RNLI's mission. 

How to Participate 

Booking & Tickets: Secure your place at this special event by booking through the Eventbrite link. Admission is priced at £10 for adults and £5 for children, directly supporting the RNLI. 

Directions & Parking: Located at Longstock Park, Leckford Estate, Hampshire (SO20 6EH), with ample free parking available for guests. 

Visitor Information: The event is designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for all, with guidelines to ensure a pleasant visit for everyone. Only assistance dogs are permitted in the water garden, but dogs on leads are welcome in specified areas. 

Every Ticket Sold Makes a Wave 

Participation in the event is a tangible expression of support for the RNLI's mission. By securing tickets, attendees contribute directly to the funding of lifesaving operations. Furthermore, the event is designed to be an immersive experience that educates, inspires, and mobilises community support for the RNLI. It's an invitation to become part of a legacy of compassion and courage that stretches over two centuries. 

Your decision to attend the RNLI's 200th-anniversary event at Longstock Park Water Garden at the Leckford Estate isn't just about enjoying a beautiful day out, it's a direct investment in the lifesaving work of the RNLI. Here's how your participation makes a tangible difference: 

The full amount of every ticket sold (adult or child) is passed to the RNLI. These funds go towards vital equipment, crew training, and ongoing maintenance of the lifeboats that brave the seas to save lives. 
Did you know? The average cost of a lifeboat rescue mission is around £2,500. By attending this event, you're helping the RNLI get closer to reaching that goal and potentially funding another life-saving operation. 

Your participation is more than just financial support. It sends a powerful message of community spirit and appreciation for the RNLI's dedication. It shows that you stand with them in their unwavering commitment to saving lives at sea. 

A Call to Collective Action 

Secure your tickets today to be part of the wave of support that keeps the RNLI's lifesaving mission afloat for generations to come. Secure your tickets today and join us at Longstock Park Water Garden as we celebrate the RNLI's legacy and ensure their vital work continues for another 200 years. 

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