‘The finest water garden in the world’

International Water Lily Society

About the Gardens

Owned and managed by Waitrose, the Longstock Park Water Garden travels freely for seven acres. The River Test flows for two and a half acres, situating the water garden in the Longstock area of The Estate.

The water remains crystal clear, connecting the two islands and woodland valleys, Longstock and Leckford together. This giant yet intimate garden attracts visitors from all over the world.

Longstock Park Water Garden was created by the Beddington family in the 1930's  and further developed by John Spedan Lewis in the 1940’s as a place to reflect and relax. The garden is a true spectacle, hosting an array of plants from around the world.

It is the perfect location and setting to nurture a diverse amount of plants, with over forty different Waterlilies alone. This entices people from all around the world to appreciate the experience, relax and enjoy the views.