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Apples & Pears

The secret of our crisp and beautifully flavoured apples and pears lies in our orchards’ thin and chalky soil. While this provides a challenging growing environment, we think it’s worth it – and we’re sure you will, too!

The product 

Whether our apples and pears are for eating, cooking, juicing, or turning into cider, we take the utmost care to guarantee their high quality and unrivalled taste. 

You’ll find the produce from our orchards, including quince and crab apples, in our farm shop. With just a few miles between the two, this is where you’ll find the freshest fruit. 

If you can’t make it to us, don’t worry – some Waitrose & Partners stores also stock our apples and pears. 


Mid: Bramley apples 


Late: Cox apples, Conference pears, Comice pears, Concorde pears, Catillac cooking pears 


Mid: Golden Delicious apples, quince Mid-late: Jazz apples 

The process 

Apples and pears have been grown at Leckford for over 70 years.  Today our orchards span around 14 hectares of the Waitrose & Partners farm, and their produce is picked from August to October. 

Picking begins in August, when our Bramley apples are ready, with the rest of the crop gathered from September to October. 

All our apples are handpicked with the help of seasonal workers.

The team 

The fruit farm is managed by our Partner Colin: an experienced fruit grower who’s worked on the estate for over 25 years. 

We’re also lucky to have the help of Partners from elsewhere on the farm, and across the rest of the Partnership during our busiest times. 

Ethics & sustainability 

As with all our farming practices, we adopt maintenance methods that work in harmony with nature and allow us to produce a sustainable, seasonal fruit crop. 

We let the ground-level area in our orchards naturalise, allowing beneficial pollinators and natural pest predators to live and work with us. This keeps our soil healthy and our fruit tasty. Don’t fear, though – we monitor the onset of any potential pests using pheromone traps and target with treatment if needed. 

Our orchards are flanked by rows of trees and hedges, which protect the fruit from blustery conditions while providing a habitat for local wildlife. 

And any fruit that isn’t suitable for eating and cooking is pressed to make beautiful fruit juice and refreshing cider. There’s no waste here - wonky apples make superb cider!

Uses & benefits 

If you’re rustling up a tart or baking a crumble, our Bramley apples and Catillac pears are perfect for cooking. 

Meanwhile, our Cox apples are a smaller variety that make a fantastic lunchbox addition or on-the-go snack. 

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