Pots & Containers

Picking the perfect plant pot is often overlooked, however to complement your garden and ensure that your plant can grow to its full potential it is important to home your plant or shrub in the right plant pot. We have many different styles and varieties to suit your garden, stocking an assortment of crafter fibre-clay,  terracotta and stone pots.  

We stock a large range of terracotta and stone pots and containers from quality brands such as: 

Haddonstone Ornamental Stonemasons

Made from Cast Limestone, the Haddonstone Ornamental Stonemasons, Cast Limestone is considered a superior material.  


The range of Apta is sold with a 10 year guarantee against frost damage.  Apta pots are perfect for perennials and seasonal plants.  We stock a beautiful range of these at our plant nursery, please find one of our horticultural experts if you need any help locating these.  

Oreya Cretan Pots

Our line of Oreya Cretan Pots that we stock at the plant nursery offers a rustic feature for a garden whilst also providing a home to plants. The pots are handmade in Greece, from a mineral clay only found in Crete. Each pot made is entirely unique bringing out the true beauty of the range.  

Please come and browse our range of pots and containers for a closer look at our wider range. We have an array of plants and shrubs to buy at the plant nursery ready to be homed in some beautifully designed, handcrafted pots.