Welcome to Longstock Park Water Garden

Welcome to Longstock Park Water Garden

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Longstock Park Water Gardens

The beautiful Waitrose Water Garden is famous for its crystal clear waters, diverse plants and over 40 species of waterlilies.

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The Garden's thatched summerhouse

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Longstock Park Water Garden

The Water Garden is open seasonally and is a great place to visit whether you're a keen gardener, seasoned horticulturalist or you're visiting Hampshire and want to explore this hidden gem.

The Longstock Water Garden covers around six acres and was originally created by the Beddington family during the early 1900s. The water garden became part of the estate in 1942 and since then has been nurtured and developed to become one of the finest water gardens.

John Spedan Lewis spent much of his later life in the garden and whilst the garden remains true to this time, our philosophy is to evolve the landscape so that it remains a vibrant, tranquil and beautiful place to visit.

The water remains crystal clear, connecting the two islands and woodland valleys; Longstock and Leckford together. This giant, yet intimate garden attracts visitors from all over the world and has become a famous water garden in its own right.

The garden is a true spectacle, hosting an array of plants from around the world.

It is the perfect location and setting to nurture a diverse amount of wild plants, with over forty different waterlilies alone. This entices people from all around the world, inviting them to appreciate the experience, relax and enjoy the views.

‘The finest water garden in the world’  International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society