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We’re so pleased with our stunning herbaceous border in the walled nursery garden, that we sell the perennials so you can create your own - or something similar if you don’t have the space.

At our nursery you can shop from A-Z from our range of perennials and create a beautiful border full of colour and interest.

We also stock some smaller perennial varieties during spring and summer, these may take a while longer to reach their full size but it means you can save a little too.

Perennials to be proud of

As well as a wide range of perennials to buy, we also have an 80m herbaceous border planted alongside our nursery, which is a spectacular sight from late spring to early  autumn. The border is an inspiration for gardeners wanting to plant a perennial border in their own garden.

We’ve selected 10 of our favourite perennials grown in the border and these are available to buy from our nursery.  

Heuchera Marmalade Good for ground cover and evergreen 
Salvia Hot Lips flowers from May to October and has bright red lip-shaped flowers in spring
Geranium Rozanne Good for ground cover and flowers all summer after pruning of spent flowers
Nepeta Six Hills Giant This will flower all summer and will attract enough bees to hum!
Stipa Ponytails An extremely tactile evergreen short grass, soft to the touch.
Stipa Gigantea An oat grass with tall flower spikes that compliment any border
Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff Has late summer flowers.  If the soil is light it can stay in the ground with just a light mulch for protection
Echinacea Purpurea A summer flower that sits on tall stems, so above many flowering plants in the border
Echinops Ritro Great in hot dry soils at the front of the border.  A great thistle like flower in cobalt blue.
Cynara Cardunculus This is a monster thistle and if you have the space it's a stunning addition to the border

Dig in some well rotted farmyard manure to add nutrients and improve soil structure.  Use taller plants such as Verbena Bonariensis at the back of a border


Plants such as Sedum Bloodgood will work well at the front


Fill in with mid height perennials such as Delphiniums and Lupins


Try planting your plants in blocks of colour so your eye is attracted to a particular area.  Blocks of planting can be any shape, not just square or rectangle.  Using colour in this way allows you to add mood to certain areas of your garden, for example, pale, pastel colours planted together for a quiet seating area.


Always water well and add a mulch to retain the moisture in the soil.

  • Use smaller plants such as 9cm pots in spring as they will develop quickly. Buying smaller plants is cheaper too. From early in the season our nursery stocks a full range of perennials in 9cm pots.
  • If planting later in the season use more established plants. These are less likely to rot over winter.
  • Herbaceous plants are prone to slug attack. You can use spent coffee grounds or sharp sand to deter slugs or an animal friendly slug pellet. We stock a range in our garden shop at the nursery.
  • Divide established herbaceous plants in spring once you have seen signs of growth from them.
  • Use hazel sticks or plant supports on larger perennials to stop them being blown over. We stock an attractive range of hand made plant supports at the nursery.
  • Deadhead plants as they finish flowering to encourage new flowers.


Clematis viticella is an easy to care for plant, being vigorous and free flowing. Originating from a warm southern European climate, it still grows well in cooler conditions and can withstand very low temperatures.

Clematis viticella is a very versatile plant, available in many different varieties of colours and habits. Flowering from mid Summer to late Autumn, it grows freely through trees and across hedges and shrubs without strangling them or causing damage as well as looking stunning on arches and pergolas. 

Visit our Clematis Viticella archway in the walled nursery garden during opening hours.  Free to access, open seasonally, so come and be inspired.


Longstock Park nursery stocks a range of Clematis viticella that are fully hardy, so they can be planted throughout the year. They can be grown in large pots and planters too and can withstand coastal winds and locations where other plants are hard to grow.   From deep reds and purples to bright pinks, lilacs and whites. We’re sure you’ll find one to suit your colour theme. 

Take a look at our top 10 list of Clematis Viticella that work well in most gardens and settings. 

1. Abundance White, Spring flowering, any good soil, protect in Winter
2. Alba Luxurians
White, late flowering, any good soil, Winter hardy
3. Betty Corning Lilac blue, late flowering, any good soil, Winter hardy
4. Etiole Violette Deep purple, late Summer flowering, any good soil, Winter hardy
5. Emilia Plater Blue-Violet, later Summer flowering, any good soil, Winter hardy
6. Kermesina
Deep Crimson, late Summer flowering, any good soil, Winter hardy
7. Mme Julia Correvon
Rich red, mid Summer flowering, any good soil, compact, hardy
8. Polish Spirit
Deep violet, mid Summer, any good good soil, Winter hardy
9. Royal Velours Deep red/purple, later Summer flowering, any good soil, hardy
10. Venosa Violacea White/deep purple, late Summer flowering, any good soil, hardy

Browse the full range of Clematis in our nursery and enquire with one of our specialists about planting and caring for your Clematis plants.

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